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My husband suffered two bouts with cancer during the past 18 months both of which required 2 surgeries and multiple chemo and radiation treatments. We were not able to keep our homeowners insurance in effect (we live in FL and the rates are astronomical because of the hurricanes), so NationPoint forceplaced our insurance. Our monthly payment TRIPLED! During my husband's illness, he used up all paid time off, so when he wasn't able to work, he didn't get paid for being off. We missed two mortgage payments.

In June, 2008 I applied for a hardship asking that the two payments be deferred to the end of the mortgage. I was also able to now afford home owners insurance and paid 1/3 of what NationPoint charged me. I faxed all the paperwork and application sent to me by the NationPoint rep on 6/23/08. NationPoint went ahead and filed a foreclosure suit. Since 6/23/08 I have been trying to get my payment adjusted (removing the additional funds for homeowners insurance) and get the hardship granted. I NEVER speak to the same person and have been asked to refax the same documents 4 times to various fax numbers. No one can give me an update other than to say they need this document or that document which I have already faxed! In the meantime, we have an adjustable rate mortgage and I've already received the notice that it will go up $200 a month beginning in October. I have found another lender that will give us a 30 year fixed rate mortgage all we have to do is get the hardship granted so it shows we are current with the loan. You can't imagine the frustration at not being able to get anyone to review my file. In the meantime, they have me on a repayment plan which is suppose to be clearing up the past due amount along with making the regular (but still inflated) mortgage payments. My monthly payment now is 5 times the original loan payment!

There has to be some organization or group that can make these mortgage companies respond to their customers in a timely manner! Can anyone recommend someone I can turn to? With the increased payment I'm not sure how much longer I can make it and if we miss one payment, the foreclosure goes back into effect.

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Nationpoint sucks.I faxed to the in August only to realize the fax never picks up.

Then I got a new number and faxed in September.I called today and they said they never received it.

I am not paying anymore.

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